Monday, January 16, 2017

Girls Rugby Nationals 2017

The 2017 Girls High School Rugby National Tournament takes place May 19th-21st at the Moose Rugby Grounds in Elkhart, Indiana.

Click here for the school team registration which is due March 1st:

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Club teams play Friday and Saturday.

School teams play Saturday and Sunday. 

Teams do not need to be recognized by their school as varsity in order to compete in the single school bracket; they just need to be a team that strives to draw from one community.

For questions and info contact committee members listed in the press release below.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

2017 Girls HS Rugby National Tournament

2017 Girls High School National Invitational Championships
Nov 10th, 2017

     The 18th Annual High School Girls Rugby National Invitational Championships will take place the weekend of May 19th -21st, 2017 at the Moose Rugby Grounds in Elkhart, Indiana. 

          This year’s event features school and club brackets at one location, with club teams competing on Friday-Saturday and single school teams competing on Saturday-Sunday.

     The Moose Rugby Grounds, home of the Penn HS boys and girls rugby programs, is one of the premier rugby-specific facilities in the United States, having hosted the Boys National Invitational Championships on multiple occasions as well as having over a decade of experience as the home of the Midwest Girls and Boys Championship and All-Star events, regularly hosting an average of 170 matches a year.  With three professionally maintained grass match fields and additional practice field space, the Moose regularly hosts tournaments with 40+ teams.

     As part of the invitational tournament process, teams are asked to complete an online registration.  Club team applications will be available Nov 25th.  School team applications are available now.  All teams are asked to use a hotel booking service to ensure their attendance.

--Single Schools         Online registration (click here)         due March 1st

--Club Teams              Club Website         (click here)          due March 1st

     The 2016 National Invitational Tournaments saw ground-breaking expansion as twenty-four programs competed in division one and division two single school championship brackets as well as a ten-team club championship.  Organizers anticipate multiple brackets of both school and club competition this year.

     National Girls (School) Coaches Committee Chair John Klein commented that “the national girls’ tournament has never been stronger as more and more competitive high school girls teams continue to develop.” 

     Full details of the girls’ national tournament events are in the process of being planned.  Inquiries should be directed to members of the National Girls Single School or National Girls (Club) Coaches Committees until full event packets are published. 

National Girls (School) Coaches Committee

John Klein, Committee Chair   

Buck Billings (South)               

Bernie Cantorna (East)             

John Waliszewski (MW)          

National Girls (Club) Coaches Committee

Marin Pinnell – Pres –              

Bob Stephen – Treasurer           

Pam Laura – Operations           

Steve Lopez – Collegiate Liaison

Julie Prentice – Press/communication

Rex Norris—Disc. Chair          

Girls High School National Invitational Tournament

When?            May 19th-21st, 2017

Friday:                                    Club Quarters and Semis

                        Saturday:                                Club Finals

School Quarters and Semis

                        Sunday:                                   School Finals

Where?          Moose Rugby Grounds           1510 County Rd 6

                                                                        Nappanee, IN 46550

Tournament Grounds Director:                 Tom Shelley  



Monday, October 24, 2016

State Final Results and Archive

DSHA 18  CMHS 15

3rd Place
Oak Creek 12   Brookfield 5

5th Place
Pulaski 39   DSHA JV  0

7th Place
Kettle Moraine 51  Appleton 5

Fond Du Lac 29  v Muskego 20

WGR State Championships (15's, Fall)
Year                1st                                2nd                   3rd
2016                DSHA                         CMHS             Oak Creek HS
2015                Catholic Memorial      DSHA             Brookfield
2014                DSHA                         CMHS             Brookfield
2013                DSHA                         CMHS             Kettle M.
2012                DSHA                         CMHS             Kettle M.
2011                DSHA                         CMHS             Kettle M.
2010                DSHA                         Kettle M.         Brookfield
2009                DSHA                         Brookfield        Vernon
2008                DSHA                         CMHS             Vernon
2007                DSHA                         Vernon             CMHS      1st State Tourney
2006                DSHA                         Vernon
2005                DSHA                         Vernon
2004                DSHA                         Kettle Moraine
2003                DSHA                         Kettle Moraine Northshore
2002                Kettle Moraine            DSHA              Northshore
2001                DSHA                         Northshore       Kettle Moraine
2000                DSHA                         Kettle Moraine

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

WGR 2016 State Tournament

WGR State Finals this Sunday, October 23 at the Milwaukee County Sports Complex
(6000 W Ryan Rd, Franklin, WI 53132).

9:00 am - 5th place match: DSHA JV vs Pulaski*

1:30 pm - 9th place match: Fond du Lac vs Muskego/Vernon

3:00 pm - 7th place match: Kettle Moraine vs Appleton

4:30 pm - 3rd place match: Brookfield vs Oak Creek

6:00 pm - 1st place match: Catholic Memorial vs DSHA

Monday, October 10, 2016

WGR Playoffs 2016

Championship Semifinals 2016 (1st-4th Place)

DSHA (4-0)          67           v  Oak Creek (2-2)   24   Dretzka Park     Oct  14th  5pm

Catholic Memorial (4-0)  40  v  Brookfield (3-1) 0    Minooka Park    Oct 15th  10am

Consolation Semifinals 2016 (5th-8th Place)

Kettle Moraine (2-2) 10      v  DSHA JV (2-2)  12    Nashotah Park             Oct 13th   5pm

Pulaski (2-2)  27                  v  Appleton (1-3)  0      Pulaski Arprt Fld       Oct 15th  10am

Consolation Semifinals 2016 (9th-10th Place)

Fond Du Lac                  v  Muskego         Oct 23rd @ Milw Cnty Sports Complex

DSHA  67   Oak Creek 24
CMHS  40   Brookfield 0

Pulaski  27        Appleton  0
DSjv     12    Kettle Moraine 10

Milwaukee County Sports Complex   Franklin, Wisconsin
Tentative Schedule 
DSHA (6-0)  v CMHS (5-1) Championship                      6pm
  Oak Creek (4-2) v  Brookfield (3-3)  3rd Place                              430pm
  DSHA jv v Pulaski  5th Place                             10am
  Kettle Moraine v Appleton 7th Place                              130pm
Fond Du Lac  v  Muskego  9th Place                              12pm

WGR Playoffs 2016

Championship Semifinals 2016 (1st-4th Place)

DSHA (4-0)        67             v  Oak Creek (2-2)  24    Dretzka Park     Oct  14th  5pm

Catholic Memorial (4-0)  v  Brookfield (3-1)     Minooka Park    Oct 15th  10am

Consolation Semifinals 2016 (5th-8th Place)

Kettle Moraine (2-2)  10     v  DSHA JV (2-2)  12    Nashotah Park             Oct 13th   5pm

Pulaski (2-2)                    v  Appleton (1-3)        Pulaski Arprt Fld       Oct 15th  10am

Consolation Semifinals 2016 (9th-10th Place)

Fond Du Lac                  v  Muskego         Oct 23rd @ Milw Cnty Sports Complex

Milwaukee County Sports Complex   Franklin, Wisconsin
Tentative Schedule 
Championship                      6pm
   3rd Place                              430pm
   5th Place                             130pm
  7th Place                              Noon
  9th Place                              10am

Monday, September 26, 2016

WGR '16 October Schedule and Standings

Week Four
Sept 29th    Fond Du Lac 77        Appleton 0                     5pm
                   Muskego   0              Oak Creek 62                 5pm

Oct 1st        Kettle Moraine 7      DSHA 62                        9am          Nashotah Park

                    DSHA jv     7           Catholic Memorial 76      1030am    Nashotah Park

Oct 2nd       Brookfield 0             Pulaski 22                        1030am    Gun Club, Milw.

Week Five
Oct 6th       DSHA JV  7             Kettle Moraine 10            430pm    Dretzka Park

                   DSHA  (win)           Appleton  (loss)               545pm

                   Muskego 5              Catholic Memorial 41      5pm        Vernon Town Hall

                  Oak Creek 22            Pulaski  12                       5pm          OCHS

Oct 8th      Brookfield     10           Fond Du Lac     24             930am    Gun Club

Oct 15th    WGR Playoffs            Held at home field of higher ranked teams
Championship Semifinals:        
-DSHA (NS#1) v Oak Creek (C52)                      
TBD Date and Time                                                   

-CMHS (C5#1) v Brookfield  (NS #2)
Sat Oct 15th 10am Minooka Park                                         

-Consolation Semifinals              
NS#3   v  C5#4
C5#3   v  NS#4

-Bye week                                   
NS#5 and C5#5  at State

Oct 23rd     State Tournament      1st,3rd,5th,7th,9th Place Matches
                                                      Milwaukee County Sports Complex     Franklin, WI

North-South Conference
DSHA                4-0
Brookfield          3-1 (Brookfield holds head-to-head tie breaker over KM)
Kettle Moraine   2-2
Appleton            1-3 (Fond Du Lac played but forfeited their league match due to #'s)
Fond Du Lac      0-4

Classic Five
Catholic Memorial    4-0
Oak Creek                 2-2
Pulaski                      2-2
DSHA jv                   2-2* (ineligible for playoff seed against DSHA varsity)
Muskego                   0-4

Tie Breakers are (a) head-to-head record if tied; (b) super league points if a three-way tie; (c) point differential is still a three way tie.