Sunday, January 13, 2019

2019 Single School Girls National Tournament

The 20th Annual Girls High School Rugby National Tournament will hold the single school competition in Glendale, Colorado May 18th and 19th at Infinity Park and the adjacent field.

Please register your team's info here (click) by March 26th.

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Monday, December 3, 2018

WGR 20th Anniversary Fall 2019


Alumni reps from each team that is or was a part of WGR are getting together and contacting alumni to see what we can do to celebrate and commemorate the special people and moments of the last two decades.

Note from the chair below:

Hello All;

I’m excited to chair the effort for a 20 year anniversary.  It is incredible that so much time has passed, but not as surprising that the league is still going strong considering its continued leadership by the rugby community.  

Please take some time to reach out to all your current social media contacts, if you haven’t already, that may have an interest in the event (roughly in Sept. 2019).  Most importantly, ask them for contacts for the other teams. 

Otherwise, there are some priorities to promoting this event that will come together in time;
1.       Establishing its date.  I spoke with Wally about some potentials around Sept. of 2019, before the weather turns.  There should be some good travel weekends around that time.  I expect that this can be resolved shortly;
2.       Creating a central social media page to which we can drive traffic and keep people informed of developments (I’m fine if I don’t create this, so long as I have admin rights to it / it should be done after the date is established for the event); and
3.       Encouraging attendance, driving traffic to the site – should be no problem for everyone;

As part as the first year of the committee will be to establish a Hall of Fame, with inductees each year and rules for future nominees.  That will come in time once we get all the Members together. 

All other ideas are welcome.   Please share within this email exchange, or give me a call and I would be happy to discuss.    Wally, I would be happy to grow this email list as new Members arrive.



Rick L. Ferrara
Head Coach/Co-Founder, Homestead Highlanders (2001-03)
Backline Coach, St. Edward High School of Cleveland (04, 2011-16)
Member, Ohio Rugby Referee Association (2016-present)
Author, Break the Line (shameless plug)

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

WGR All State Team 2018 and League Awards

WGR 2018 All State Team and League Awards

WGR Team Sportsmanship Award 2018:                       Oak Creek High School
            Excerpt from their nomination:
Displayed a positive attitude and composure while fielding a very young and inexperienced team.  Despite knowing they had to forfeit a few matches due to a small roster, they enthusiastically competed in scheduled conference matches and were willing to combine with players from other teams.  Opponents noted an impressive positive attitude from players and coaches, both on and off the field.

WGR Spirit of the Game Award 2018:               Jeff Noe
Jeff Noe has been helping Wisconsin Girls Rugby for 15 years and counting.  He coached a league team for 10 years, created the state tournament concept, worked as the acting treasurer, and now has transitioned into operating the Wisconsin State Selects program for the last 5 years.  He does so in a way that includes developing and experienced players; fielding full sides at both the V and JV level.  His work has benefitted our entire league’s development.  He continues to maintain connections with WGR coaches and players, assisting them in efforts to continue playing, and was present for every match of the 2018 State Tournament.

2018 AST
AST players are exemplary in character, ability, skill, and commitment in Wisconsin Fall League Play. This is separate from the Wisconsin HS Select Side which is determined by players trying out and their availability." 

2018 Wisconsin Girls Rugby
All State Team
Forwards                             Team                                   School                  Class
Georgia Barczak                 DSHS HS                                             11
Saralyn Carcy                     Stevens Point Area HS                         12
Gigi Diekelman                  Stevens Point Area HS                         12
Claire Freschi                     Catholic Memorial HS                          11
Fiona Gallagher^                DSHA HS                                             10
Kali Harpster                      Knightmares (Oconomowoc HS)         12
Emma Kacynski                 DSHA HS                                             12
Jenna Klenz^                      DSHA HS                                             12
Valentina Medrano^           Catholic Memorial HS                          11
Ellie Olson                          Mayhem (Muskego HS)                       12
Grace O’Malley^                Pulaski  (Notre Dame HS)                    12          
Hannah Pfersch^                Hamilton HS                                          11
Angelina Pieters^               Catholic Memorial HS                           11
Sydney Raymond               Hamilton HS                                          12
Serena Roberts^*               Catholic Memorial HS                           12
Savanah Thorne                 Hamilton HS                                          12
Makinzie Youngblood^*    DSHA HS                                              12
Kieran Zalewski                 DSHA HS                                              11

2018 Wisconsin Girls Rugby
All State Team
Backs                              Team    (School)                                         Class
Piper Bailey^*                Madtown (Middleton HS)                           12
Sadie Brennan^*             DSHA HS                                                   12
Kate Chapman^*             Catholic Memorial HS                               12
Haley Crow^*                 Catholic Memorial HS                                11
Aly Cunningham^           Catholic Memorial HS                                10
Sam Dreher^                   Fox Valley (Appleton North HS)                12
Hannah Emberts^            Bruisers (Hamilton HS)                              12
Lexi Haskins                   Catholic Memorial HS                                11
Katie Heinrich^               Knightmares (Oconomowoc HS)               11
Jackie Jarosz^*                DSHA HS                                                   11
Abby Kayser^                  DSHA HS                                                   11
Maggie Leffler^*+           DSHA HS                                                   12
Nate Perez                        DSHA HS                                                   12
Savannah Peterson^         DSHA HS                                                   12
Rachel Placeway              Stevens Point Area HS HS                         12
Morgan Price                    Hamilton HS                                              12
Elise Rades                       Hamilton HS                                              12
Kayla Ronge                     Catholic Memorial HS                               12
Kristina Tran                    Oak Creek HS                                             12
Stephanie Wilson^*         Catholic Memorial HS                                12                                                          

^Denotes ’17-18 All State selection
*Denotes ’16-‘17 All-State selection          
+Denotes ’15-16 All-State selection 

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

2019 Girls Rugby Events

Wisc Girls Rugby              Dec 9th, 2018
League Meeting

Foley Memorial 10's         May 4th, 2019

Midwest Championships   April 27th-28th, 2019  Moose Rugby Grounds  Elkhart, Indiana

National Tournament        May 18th-19th, 2019  Location TBD

Monday, October 29, 2018

WGR State Finals 2018

State Championship   DSHA 29  Catholic Memorial 16

3rd Place                    Hamilton 52  Stevens Point Area HS 5

5th Place                    Pulaski 27      Brookfield 20

7th Place                    Kettle Moraine 54  DSHA JV 15

9th Place                    Oak Creek 22*  Madtown/Oshkosh 27
                                   *Win by forfeit.  Exhibition played with open subs.

JV                              CMHS 24  Stevens Point 7

JV                              Hamilton 20   Brookfield/Mayhem 17

2 Catholic Memorial HS
3 Hamilton HS
4 Stevens Point HS
5 Pulaski
6 Brookfield
7 Kettle Moraine
9 Oak Creek HS
10 Madtown/Oshkosh

Additional JV Teams Fielded in 2018
Catholic Memorial HS
Hamilton HS
Stevens Point HS

Historical State Finals Archive:
WGR State Championships (15's, Fall)

Year                1st                                2nd                   3rd
2018                DSHA                         CMHS             Hamilton HS
2017                Catholic Memorial      DSHA             Brookfield
2016                DSHA                         CMHS             Oak Creek HS
2015                Catholic Memorial      DSHA             Brookfield
2014                DSHA                         CMHS             Brookfield
2013                DSHA                         CMHS             Kettle M.
2012                DSHA                         CMHS             Kettle M.
2011                DSHA                         CMHS             Kettle M.
2010                DSHA                         Kettle M.         Brookfield
2009                DSHA                         Brookfield        Vernon
2008                DSHA                         CMHS             Vernon
2007                DSHA                         Vernon             CMHS      1st State Tourney
2006                DSHA                         Vernon
2005                DSHA                         Vernon
2004                DSHA                         Kettle Moraine
2003                DSHA                         Kettle Moraine Northshore
2002                Kettle Moraine            DSHA              Northshore
2001                DSHA                         Northshore       Kettle Moraine
2000                DSHA                         Kettle Moraine

Thursday, October 18, 2018

WGR Playoffs

Friday    Oct 19th   CMHS 64 v Sussex Hamilton HS 5 (a)

Saturday Oct 20th   DSHA 121 v Stevens Point Area HS 0  10am  MWOSC Men.Falls (b)

               Oct 20th   DSjv 10   v Pulaski  36 (c)           845am             

               Oct 20th  Kettle Moraine v Brookfield (d)       1130am

Oak Creek vs Madison/Fox Cities played at State. (e)

State Finals Oct 28th Milwaukee County Sports Complex

11:00 am         Brookfield JV v Sussex JV
11:40 am         CMH JV v SPASH  JV 
12:15 pm         9th Place Match           (Oak Creek vs Madtown/Oshkosh)
1:30pm            7th Place Match           (loser c vs loser d)
3:00pm            5th Place Match           (winner c vs. winner d)
4:30pm            3rd Place Match           (Hamilton vs SPAHS)
6:00pm            Championship Match​  (CMHS v DSHA)