Monday, May 21, 2018

Girls HS Rugby Nationals 2018 (results)

High School Girls Nationals (single school D1 and D2)

5/19 MTSU
QF: Catholic Memorial 41-7 Columbia
QF: DSHA 68-0 Warsaw
QF: Orchard Park 19-5 Moon Area
QF: Kahuku 57-0 St. Joseph

SF: Catholic Memorial 43-10 Orchard Park
SF: Kahuku 25-24 DSHA

5/20  MTSU
3rd: DSHA 52-7 Orchard Park
Final: Kahuku 33-29 Catholic Memorial
5/19 MTSU
Consolation Bracket
5th SF: Columbia 38-0 Moon Area
5th SF: Warsaw 22 St. Joseph 15

5/20 MTSU
5th: Columbia 45-12 Warsaw
7th: St. Joseph 33-17 Moon Area
Grandville def State College (24-24, then OT kicks)
Grandville 56-0 South Meck
State College 19-17 South Meck
Broken Arrow 43-14 McMinn
Broken Arrow 51-5 City Honors
McMinn 17 City Honors 15
5th: City Honors 34-19 South Meck
3rd: State College 34-14 McMinn
1st: Broken Arrow 46-5 Grandville

Division I
1.Kahuku HS
2.Catholic Memorial HS
3.Divine Savior Holy Angels HS
4.Orchard Park HS
5.Clumbia Central HS
6.Warsaw HS
7.St Joseph Academy
8.MoonArea HS

Division II
1.Broken Arrow 
3.State College
5.City Honors
6.South Meck

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Flo Rugby Broadcast Girls HS Nationals 2018

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Link to Broadcast  (click here)

All games are central standard time.
Sat May 19th 
9am  Catholic Memorial HS    vs  Columbia Central HS
9am  Moon Area HS               vs   Orchard Park HS
10     DSHA HS                       vs  Warsaw HS
10     Kahuku HS                     vs  St Joseph Academy
10      State College HS                vs   Grandville HS (D2)

12pm   Consolation Rounds Being
115pm Semifinals Begin

Sunday May 20th
130pm   National Finals
9am        3rd,5th,7th Place Matches

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Midwest Championships 2018 (historical archive updated)

1999    Champion:       D.S.H.A.                     Wisconsin                    Host:   Indiana
            Runner-up:      Carmel                         Indiana                         

2000    Champion        Wayzata                      Minnesota                   Host:   Minnesota
            Runner-up       D.S.H.A.                     Wisconsin

2001    Champion:       D.S.H.A.                     Wisconsin                    Host:   Wisconsin
            Runner-up:      Wayzata                      Minnesota

2002    Champion:       Wayzata                      Minnesota                   Host:   Indiana
            Runner-up       D.S.H.A.                     Wisconsin

2003    Champion:       D.S.H.A.                     Wisconsin                    Host:   Minnesota
            Runner-up       Kettle Moraine            Wisconsin      

2004    Champion:       DSHA                         Wisconsin                    Host:   Indian
            Runner-Up      Kettle Moraine            Wisconsin                   

2005    Champion:       DSHA                         Wisconsin                    Host:   Indiana
            Runner-Up:     Vernon Park                Wisconsin
            Third:              Lakewood                   Ohio

2006    Champion        DSHA                         Wisconsin                    Host:   Indiana
            Runner-up       Lakewood                   Ohio    
            Third               Vernon                        Wisconsin

2007    Champion        DSHA                         Wisconsin                    Host:  Indiana
             Runner-up      Vernon Park                Wisconsin
            Third               Lakewood                   Ohio
             Open              Lakeview                    Michigan

2008    Champion        DSHA                         Wisconsin                    Host:  Indiana
            Runner-up       Lakewood                   Ohio
            3rd Place           Wayzata                      Minn.
            Open               Catholic Memorial      Wisconsin  

2009    Champion        DSHA                         Wisconsin                    Host:  Indiana
            Runner-up       Lakewood                   Ohio
            3rd Place           Catholic Memorial      Wisconsin

2010    Champion        DSHA                         Wisconsin                    Host:  Indiana
            Runner-up       Brookfield                   Wisconsin
            3rd Place           Lakewood                   Ohio
            Open               Vernon                                    Wisconsin

2011    Champion        DSHA                         Wisconsin                    Host:  Indiana
            Runner-up       Lakewood                   Ohio
            3rd Place           Kettle Moraine            Wisconsin
            Open               Catholic Memorial      Wisconsin

2012    Champion        DSHA                         Wisconsin                    Host:   Indiana
            Runner-up       Catholic Memorial      Wisconsin
            3rd Place           St Joseph’s Academy  Ohio
            Open               DSHA JV                     Wisconsin

2013    Champion        DSHA                         Wisconsin                    Host:  Indiana
            Runner-Up      Catholic Memorial      Wisconsin                    
            3rd Place           

2014    Champion        DSHA                         Wisconsin                    Host:  Indiana
            Runner-up       Catholic Memorial      Wisconsin        
            3rd Place           St Joseph                     Ohio
2015    Champion        DSHA                         Wisconsin                    Host:  Indiana
            Runner-up       St Joseph                     Ohio
            3rd Place           Penn HS                      Indiana   

2016    Champion        DSHA                        Wisconsin                    Host:  Indiana
            Runner-up        CMHS                       Wisconsin
            3rd Place          St Joseph                    Ohio

2017    Champion       DSHA                          Wisconsin                    Host:  Indiana
            Runner-up       CMHS                         Wisconsin
            3rd Place         Warsaw                        Indiana
            Club                Hopkins                       Minn
            JV                   DSHA

2018   Champion       CMHS                          Wisconsin                   Host:  Indiana
           Runner-up       DSHA                           Wisconsin
           3rd Place         St Joseph                      Ohio
           Club                Walnut Hills                 Ohio
           JV                    DSHA jv