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Girls High School Rugby Nationals 2016 (updated April 9th)

The 2016 Girls High School Rugby National Tournament will bring together competitors from at least nine different states at the historic May 20th-22nd event held at Lindenwood University's Hunter C Stadium in St Charles, MO.   Although this is the 17th Annual National Tournament, this is the first ever championship to include single school brackets.

"We are thrilled to host the Girls High School Rugby Championship.  When we were approached with the opportunity to support girls rugby at our University and the growth at this level, it was a no brainer. The competition will give more students a chance to see some of the top facilities in the Nation and the support our University has for the sport. Our hopes are to continue to open student-athletes and families eyes to opportunities that are available at the next level,"  said Coach Billy Nicholas of Lindenwood University. 

In a reflection of the significant growth in girls high school teams across the country, nine of the competing teams did not compete at last year's event.  Seven of these programs have never competed at the annual National High School Girls Tournament before 2016, which first began with a six team competition in 2000.
"Bringing more teams together to compete at this level is what it's all about.  The competition at a national tournament is a great challenge and still, at its heart, this is always developmental at the same time.  The experience these young women take back from playing diverse teams and styles from coast to coast is what makes a national tournament a yearly once-in-a lifetime competition," said John Klein, chair of the grassroots organizing committee.  
"This expansion to offer a single school competition is the next logical step in the growth of the game," said  John Waliszewski of the organizing committee, which brings together teams from the South, West, East, and Midwest.
There will be two tiers of competitive brackets plus a third festival or b-side bracket, which features GHSAA asst. coach Anna Kunkel's own team from Kansas City.
Organizers remain open to adding competitors should teams be looking to attend this historic high school event. 
Ohio's Hudson expressed excitement over being invited to compete and just confirmed funding and travel plans.  Idaho's Capitol, an inner city single school team,  has also expressed an interest in competing.   "We keep finding more and more competitive single school teams as word spreads," added Klein.
"Looking at the big picture, we're looking at 20 high school age teams, maybe more, all competing across the country if you include eight club teams from the parallel event.  The national tournament has never been stronger,"  commented Klein.

2016 National High School Tournament Competitors
Broken Arrow High School (OK)
Catholic Memorial HS (WI)
Divine Savior Holy Angels HS(WI) 
Hudson High School (OH)
Kahuku High School (HI)
McMinn Cnty HS (Tribe)(TN)
Oak Creek High School (WI)
Penn High School (Ind)
Sebastian River High School (Fl)
St Joseph's Academy (OH)
State College High School (Pa)
Summit High School (CO)
Warsaw High School  (IN)

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

2016 Girls High School Nationals Will be Streamed Online

Thanks to all the teams who have completed their online registration for the 2016 high school girls rugby national tournament.

Lindenwood University is proud to announce the matches on both fields will be streamed online so family and supporters who are unable to travel with your teams are able to watch.

Registration and welcome packets, lodging info, schedules, and eligibility paperwork has been sent to teams and managers that have completed registration.   

Sunday, January 10, 2016

2016 Girls Rugby High School Nationals

The 17th Annual Girls High School Rugby

National Invitational Tournament

What?             Multiple Brackets of Girls High School Teams

When?            May 20th - 21st - 22nd 2016

                        Friday Evening:                      Opening Ceremony

                        Saturday:                                 Matches

                        Sunday:                                   Final Matches & Awards

Where?           Lindenwood University            209 S Kingshighway

                        Harlen C Hunter Stadium         St Charles, MO 63301

Register Here (click this link)

Hotel Info:      Ask for the Lindenwood University Rate


For Team Registration, or Schedules & Eligibility Questions Contact:         

John Klein                               414-793-7023     
            John WaliszewskI                   262-501-2780       

For Travel, Lodging, and Facility Questions:

Tournament Host       

Billy Nicholas                         716-912-5278    


2016 Girls High School Rugby Nationals

2016 Girls Single School National Invitational Championships

     The 17th Annual High School Girls Rugby National Invitational Championships take place the weekend of May 21st-22nd, 2016.  

     The first-ever single school tournament brackets will be held on the campus of Lindenwood University in St Charles, Missouri. 
     Organizers anticipate two to three brackets of competition.  Teams are asked to complete the single school championship online registration

     Club teams will be competing the same weekend at either Central Washington University or San Francisco Golden Gate’s Treasure Island.  The decision will be made by January 1st.  Interested teams should contact club rep Marin Pinnell.

     NGCC Chair John Klein explained; “With well over sixteen school teams expressing interest in competing at a central location, the opportunity is there for many more teams to experience national level team competition.  With many strong club teams located West, this also allows clubs to lead the way in expanding and bringing in more noteworthy club programs.”  Klein added, “While it is our hope that long term all brackets will take place at one location; this is a great opportunity to promote and develop the girls game in multiple ways.”

     While full details of the girls high school national tournament events are in the process of being planned, inquiries should be directed to members of the NGCC until full event packets are published. 

National Girls Coaches Committee

John Klein, Committee Chair         

Stephen Lopez (club)                                               

Rex Norris (club)                                   

Marin Pinnell (club)                      

Anthony Sasso                                     
John Waliszewski (school)            

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Wisconsin Girls Rugby State Championship Archive 2015

WGR State Championships (15's, Fall)
Year                1st                                2nd                   3rd
2015                Catholic Memorial      DSHA             Brookfield
2014                DSHA                         CMHS             Brookfield
2013                DSHA                         CMHS             Kettle M.
2012                DSHA                         CMHS             Kettle M.
2011                DSHA                         CMHS             Kettle M.
2010                DSHA                         Kettle M.         Brookfield
2009                DSHA                         Brookfield        Vernon
2008                DSHA                         CMHS             Vernon
2007                DSHA                         Vernon             CMHS      1st State Tournament
2006                DSHA                         Vernon
2005                DSHA                         Vernon
2004                DSHA                         Kettle Moraine
2003                DSHA                         Kettle Moraine Northshore
2002                Kettle Moraine            DSHA              Northshore
2001                DSHA                         Northshore       Kettle Moraine
2000                DSHA

For the League Facebook Page with Current News and Info Visit:

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Girls National Championship Archive

Girls National Invitational Championships

Year   Champion               2nd                         3rd                             Location                  Division 2

2015   Fallbrook, CA           Kent, WA                Danville, CA            Pittsburgh, PA              South Bay, CA

2014   Fallbrook, CA           Amazons, CA          DSHA, WI                Pittsfield, MA              Pleasanton, CA

2013   Fallbrook, CA           Kent, WA                 DSHA, WI                Racine, WI                 Fullerton, CA

2012   Fallbrook, CA           Lakewood, OH        DSHA, WI                Palo Alto, CA

2011   Fallbrook, CA           Amazons, CA          DSHA, WI                Sandy, UT

2010   Amazons, CA           Fallbrook, CA          DSHA, WI                Sandy, UT

2009   DSHA, WI                Lakewood, OH        Amazons, CA            Pittsburgh, PA

2008   DSHA, WI                Lakewood, OH        Amazons, CA            Pittsburgh, PA

2007   DSHA, WI                Kent, WA                 Vernon, WI                Milwaukee, WI

2006   DSHA, WI                Kent, WA                 Ft. Collins, CO          Portland, ME

2005   DSHA, WI                Kent, WA                 Vernon, WI               Milwaukee, WI

2004   DSHA, WI                Kettle Moraine, WI  Amazons, CA           Burbank, CA

2003   Amazons, CA           Ft. Collins, CO        Kettle Moraine, WI    Kansas City, MO

2002   Kent, WA                 Haverford, PA         Northshore, WI         Seattle, WA
2001   Ft. Collins, CO         DSHA, WI               Kent, WA                  Ft. Collins, CO

2000   Ft. Collins, CO         DSHA, WI               Wayzata, MN           Milwaukee, WI

Girls Midwest Rugby Championships Archive

The Midwest High School Girls Rugby Championships

      Back in the late 1990’s several girls high school rugby teams began cropping up in isolated pockets all over the Midwest.  As they continued to grow, they needed teams to play.   The Midwest High School Girls Championships originated in 1999, after several territories including Indiana, Minnesota, and Wisconsin sprouted girls programs.  The tournament was created as teams sought more competition than the few teams in their respective areas could provide.   

     The Midwest has a long and proud tradition of supporting girls high school rugby.  From very early on, the Midwest Referees Society went out of their way to support this youth event, as did several unions who took on organizing and hosting the event. 

1999    Champion:       D.S.H.A.                     Wisconsin                    Host:   Indiana

            Runner-up:      Carmel                         Indiana                         

2000    Champion        Wayzata                      Minnesota                   Host:   Minnesota

            Runner-up       D.S.H.A.                     Wisconsin

2001    Champion:       D.S.H.A.                     Wisconsin                    Host:   Wisconsin

            Runner-up:      Wayzata                      Minnesota

2002    Champion:       Wayzata                      Minnesota                   Host:   Indiana

            Runner-up       D.S.H.A.                     Wisconsin

2003    Champion:       D.S.H.A.                     Wisconsin                    Host:   Minnesota

            Runner-up       Kettle Moraine            Wisconsin      

2004    Champion:       DSHA                         Wisconsin                    Host:   Indiana

            Runner-Up      Kettle Moraine            Wisconsin                   

2005    Champion:       DSHA                         Wisconsin                    Host:   Indiana

            Runner-Up:     Vernon Park                Wisconsin

            Third:              Lakewood                   Ohio

2006    Champion        DSHA                         Wisconsin                    Host:   Indiana

            Runner-up       Lakewood                   Ohio   

            Third               Vernon                        Wisconsin

2007    Champion        DSHA                         Wisconsin                    Host:  Indiana

             Runner-up      Vernon Park                Wisconsin

            Third               Lakewood                   Ohio

             Open              Lakeview                    Michigan

2008    Champion        DSHA                         Wisconsin                    Host:  Indiana

            Runner-up       Lakewood                   Ohio

            3rd Place           Wayzata                      Minn.

            Open               Catholic Memorial      Wisconsin 

2009    Champion        DSHA                         Wisconsin                    Host:  Indiana

            Runner-up       Lakewood                   Ohio

            3rd Place           Catholic Memorial      Wisconsin

2010    Champion        DSHA                         Wisconsin                    Host:  Indiana

            Runner-up       Brookfield                   Wisconsin

            3rd Place           Lakewood                   Ohio

            Open               Vernon                                    Wisconsin


2011    Champion        DSHA                         Wisconsin                    Host:  Indiana

            Runner-up       Lakewood                   Ohio

            3rd Place           Kettle Moraine            Wisconsin

            Open               Catholic Memorial      Wisconsin


2012    Champion        DSHA                         Wisconsin                    Host:   Indiana

            Runner-up       Catholic Memorial      Wisconsin

            3rd Place           St Joseph’s Academy  Ohio

            Open               DSHA JV                     Wisconsin

2013    Champion        DSHA                         Wisconsin                    Host:  Indiana

            Runner-Up      Catholic Memorial      Wisconsin                   

            3rd Place          


2014    Champion        DSHA                         Wisconsin                    Host:  Indiana

            Runner-up       Catholic Memorial      Wisconsin       

            3rd Place           St Joseph                     Ohio


2015    Champion        DSHA                         Wisconsin                    Host:  Indiana

            Runner-up       St Joseph                     Ohio
            3rd Place           Penn HS                      Indiana