Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Congratulations Northshore!

Northshore proved its mettle this weekend by winning the Fullerton International Rugby Tournament in California over the St. Patrick's day weekend. Wisconsin should be impressed by, and proud of, Northosore's success. Here's the coach's description of Northosre's progress in the tournament:

It was an awesome weekend!!!! Yes, we won the tournament!!!

Our touring group was 20 girls but the day before we left 4 had to pull out, because they came down with that ugly flue that was going around, so we traveled light with only 16 girls.

In the very first game my wing broke her arm so we were down to 15 for the rest of the tournament. Before each game the referee would stop by and ask that the subs check in through the table at the side of the field before they would be aloud on the field. My response to this was: "There is no need for that Sir, what you have on the field is what you have". They usually thought I was joking.


Game 1: Northshore Highlanders vs. Coburg East Comets from Ontario Canada 19
- 5 (We scored 3 tries)

Game 2: Northshore Highlanders vs. Cantwell from California 47 - 3 (We scored 7

Semi-Final: Northshore Highlanders vs. Fullerton Lady Lions from California (Hosting Team) 5 - 0

Final: Northshore Highlanders vs. Surrey Eagles from British Columbia 5 - 0

The girls wanted it really badly and that made the difference. Of the 15 we came home with one broken nose, one with a double hairline fracture in her foot and one with a dislocated finger, which might be broken, she was going in for x-rays today. The rest was all black and blue from the bruises and there was some really nice grass burns, but winning made up for it.

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