Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Coaching Changes/Rugby Alumnae

Since this blog posted the help-wanted add for Northshore, I guess we should report that that Northshore found a new head coach for the coming season, Kathrine Brennan. She will be replacing Katie Ehr, who served as the head coach this past season and who was previously the coach of Whitefish Bay. Both Kathrine and Katie played together at DSHA in the dark years, when there were no other high school teams in Wisconsin. As proof, here is the very first picture from this site from the very first "Nationals" tournament -- both Kathrine and Katie are in there somewhere.

I know the league is glad to see that some of its first players are coming back to help-out and provide opportunities for other players. Fortunately, Katie Ehr won't be leaving the rugby scene for long as, rumor has it, she is getting her credentials as a sir and will be helping out with a whistle come spring. Good luck (and thank you) to both Katie and Kathrine as they take on new roles in the Girls Rugby community.

I think that other alumnae from other clubs are also in the mix for sir certification and coaching positions. We'll try to update when we learn of alumnae from other teams who are coming back to contribute.

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