Monday, November 19, 2007

Sanctissimum Iisden Studiis Initiari Vinculum Amicitiae

Every club needs a Latin motto. Perhaps that's not true, but I like them all the same. Since it's the off-season, I thought I would post some of the more interesting ones (or ones which I can find) on the blog. This motto 'Sanctissimum iisden studiis initiari vinculum amicitiae' translates to 'Common pursuits make firm friends." This is the motto of Camp Hill RFC which was founded in 1883 at King Edward VI grammar school in England.

Around the high school girls rugby community at least two clubs have a Latin mottoes:

  • Fortis et Audax (Strong and Bold) is the motto which appeared on the crest (the yellow and red roses) of the DSHA RFC in the early years. The crest has lost the Latin motto, but it retains the roses.
  • Caritas in Omnibus (Charity in all things) is the school motto for CMH.

Along with the practical law for rugby players, we'll throw in some Latin mottoes until the season starts up in the Spring.

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