Wednesday, January 16, 2008

So you want to tour the states...

I've noticed that about 20% of the traffic on this site actually comes from abroad. If you happen to be connected with a girls high school/U19 club (ages 14-18) and you are interested in coming to the States, we would be glad to help set up hosting with our local clubs. I discussed the idea with a couple of other coaches and I am sure we can find games and hosting arrangements if there are any interested teams out there in the world.

You may not think of Wisconsin as a place to tour, but the reality is we have a 8 teams all within close geographical proximity to Milwaukee. Moreover, our girls high school teams have perennially produced teams in the top 5 at national invitational tournaments.

So, if anyone out there is affiliated with a team and is interested in touring, you can post a comment to this site, and I will be sure to get back to you.

And yes, I know it is ridiculous to simply offer an open challenge to teams around the world, but it is offered with the best intentions.

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