Friday, April 18, 2008

Off to a rough start...

Last weekend, field conditions prevented any games from being played as the parks withheld permits. Vernon and DSHA, the clash of Wisconsin's #1 and #2 seeds, made up their game mid-week with DSHA walking away with a 52-0 win over their closest in-state rivals.

While there was no in-state action over the weekend, Muskego, KM and Brookfield traveled to Des Moines for a weekend of rugby. The teams played in harsh conditions on Saturday as the temperatures hovered in the mid-thirties and the snow covered fields quickly turned to sheets of mud. KM fell to Hopkins (38-10) and Armstrong (17-7) on Saturday and pulled of f a win over Orono in the much improved weather on Sunday 15-10. Brookfield lost to Armstrong 0-5 and tied Orono 5-5 in the mud. Sunday, Brookfield defeated Hopkins 27-12.

Overall, it was a great rugby weekend. The Wisconsin teams were able to play some great competition from other states, the tournament was well run and the club house a real comfort after playing in the cold and wet. I suppose the tournament coordinators can't be held accountable for the dusting of snow on Saturday morning. Thanks to Des Moines for hosting a great event!

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