Thursday, June 5, 2008

Our Newest Arrivals and the official pools

Last night, the Wisconsin Girls Rugby conference had its pre-season meeting for the Fall 2008 conference season. We are pleased to welcome two new teams this year: Menomonee Falls RFC, sponsored by the Meonomonee Falls Park and Recreation Department and Pius RFC, which is affiliated with Pius XI High School. This brings the total number of clubs to 11, with most clubs fielding both a A and B side.

The Fall pools for the first five week of the conferences are as follows, based on standings from 2007 Fall season:

Pool A:

2. Muskego
3. Brookfield
4. Oak Creek
5. Meonomonee Falls

Pool B:
1. Vernon
2. Catholic Memorial
3. Kettle Moraine
4. Northshore

Fond du Lac and Pius XI will be playing B-side schedules and will not be participating in the regular pool play in the Fall 2008 season.

The conference has retained the 2007 play-off format with teams competing in 5-week pool play, including 1 non-conference match. Opening weekend is September 6, 2008. Following the five weeks of pool play, the top 8 teams are seated for the play-offs which culminate in all final matches being played on Sunday, October26, 2008.

Hopefully there will be more news to come as the season gets closer.

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