Friday, May 28, 2010

DSHA and Brookfield

Just for the record, DSHA finished #3 in the Nation this year, after defeating Brookfield (now #4). 

Congratulations to Brookfield for thier first run at the National Tournament!  While I know that there are many rival clubs in Wisconsin who were plotting and planning for DSHA's first defeat since the Fall of 2002, but I think I speak for Wisconsin when I say we all wish that first defeat had been from a Wisconsin club!

Congratulations to the new National champions, the Sacremento Amazons.  I know that each team from Wisconsin that has had to face the Amazons, both Brookfield this year, and KM in the past, recognize that they are a fierce and deserving team.

Now-- it's time to start thinking about the Fall 2010 -- and the run up to next year's National title run by a Wisconsin team (or two)!

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