Saturday, September 18, 2010

WEEK 1 Division 2

Here are the results of last week's Division 2 matches as we head into week 2 of our pool play:

Mequon v. Fond du Lac   28-0
Cudahy v. Tosa 32- 10
Northshore v. Muskego 79-0

Northshore showed its athleticism in its season opener against Muskego.  Is this venerable club ready to claw its way back to Division 1?  While only in its second season, Mequon posted a solid win over Fond du Lac, showing a lot of promise that this young team may be able to earn a bid into the Division 1 playoffs and upset some of the league's older teams.

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Anonymous said...

thats Menomonee Falls, not Mequon Dan

-Dan Zeroth, Falls RFC