Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Classy Interview

One of the more rewarding things about seeing young women play rugby is how much they grow from the experience. Certainly rugby can't take all the credit ... parents, friends, family, teachers, jobs, sports ... they all play a significant factor in one's personal growth. Nonetheless we at WFGR have been around the girls game long enough to see, repeatedly, so many young women graduate their teams with an incredible gift of confidence. It's a trend and an incredibly positive one. Having to tackle other girls, to let loose completely on the pitch, to run full speed into an opponent; it takes so much character and teamwork that girls leave these programs as different people.

No one here at our offices knows personally the young lady in the interview below. We do know she is one of the most athletic, talented players, and captains to play in WGR. When we see this impressive interview, we see a confident, well-spoken, and classy representative of the qualities we strive to teach through WGR. As a senior in high school, this is a more impressive response to some tough questions than those you see from a lot of pro athletes on television. Great job Peyton. Wonderful interview.

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