Monday, September 26, 2011

Women's Rugby Interviews (prt ii)

Part ii: Excerpts from an interview with Coach Bustillos:

Where do you see collegiate women’s rugby progressing over the next decade?

“I think we will see this positive trend and growth continue
over the next ten years. There are so many aspects of this game to be
learned that occur off the field of play that I truly believe keep us moving
forward. For the most part, the players are the decision makers in a
dynamic game, not the coach. This is empowering for high school girls
that are preparing to enter college and be an adult where they have to make
their own choices. Plus, the Americanized coaches and sports they probably
grew up playing were played under the orders of the coach. Rugby gives
these players a chance to make decisions.”

“Another place I foresee collegiate women's rugby growing is the fact that in less than 5 years, there will most likely be the opportunity for girls to
play for their university and get an education at the same time. I foresee
girls having the opportunity to get a free education and go to University on
scholarship. Women's rugby is on the list of NCAA emerging women's sports
and it will be a reality sooner then some probably think. I would not be
surprised, in the least, if there are 2015 high school graduates that
will have the opportunity for NCAA division I varsity scholarships to play
rugby in college here in Wisconsin.”

“AND, if that wasn't opportunity enough, we have rugby coming to the
Olympics. Again, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if a current, yes
current, member of a high school team in Wisconsin makes the roster to
represent the USA in the 2016 Olympics. It isn't far off and with girls in
Wisconsin possibly having 4-5 years under their belts when the USA Team
comes looking..... You never know.....”

“All in all, girls rugby, both collegiate and high school, has come leaps and bounds in just the last ten years, and I think that it will continue to gain
steam and prosper over the next ten years. Especially in Wisconsin.”

“So, if there are any girls reading this, thank your coaches who effortlessly give their time to you to promote this sport and work to give you the opportunity to capitalize on this growth in the future. Rugby and these
opportunities wouldn't be available without them.”

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