Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Rugby Formal

I've encountered my share of rugby formals over the years. Being involved with high school girls rugby in various capacities has helped me appreciate how much pride our student athletes have for their teams and teammates.

One resulting phenomenon is the rugby formal picture. In its various forms it might be a group photo of every girl's bruises while formally attired for a fall homecoming dance. Typically, the girls gather at some point in the evening and snap a large group picture of bumps, bruises, and bouquets. In other forms, the rugby formal picture is the pre-dance huddle, or in this picture from Homecoming 2011, a picture of the pre-dance lineout demonstration. To my knowledge, i have yet to hear of a pre-dance scrum, although perhaps some have tried. Photographic evidence of such an event would surely warrant a special note inthe annals of the Wisconsin Girls Rugby blog.

With the Winter Formal Season in full session and Prom 2012 around the corner, this tradition is sure to continue. Memorable photos can be submitted to the conference blog at:

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