Monday, February 25, 2013

Wisconsin High School Girls Selectside Announces Coach

With immediate effect, Jeff Noe has been named Head Coach of the Wisconsin High School Girls selectside.  Coach Noe comes highly recommended and is universally respected around the country for his work with teams at multiple levels.  His appointment is an exciting step for the program,as his work as Team Manager for the USA u20 Women's National team .. now called the Women's Junior All-American team .. affords him a direct pipeline and contacts with coaches around the country.  With a long and successful stint playing collegiate and then mens division one rugby, in addition to ten years of high school girls coaching, Coach Noe comes with extensive experience.

A letter from Coach Noe to interested players and coaches:

Dear Coaches and Players,

The WI Women’s High School will have a Select Side this spring, so please spread the word.  We will definitely be taking 1 team to Indiana to compete in the Midwest All Star tournament on June 8-9th, and if we have enough interest we will also take a younger developmental side as well.  I want to grow the recognition of Wisconsin rugby and get more players to advance through to Midwest and National selections.  In that mindset of playing select side rugby, I also want to know your interest in attending a tournament in Canada later in the summer against Canadian select sides.  To save money, we can look to carpool from Milwaukee, as it would be about a 12 hour drive instead of flying but I am still looking at the options.  Remember, if we do decide to go, it will require a Passport as well.  I will make a decision on the commitment and interest shortly after the April tryout for this unique opportunity.

A little about myself, hopefully to help alleviate any concerns players, coaches or their parents might have.  I have played rugby for the past 13 years, first at Marquette University, then with the Milwaukee Harlequins/Barbarians as a Division 1 men’s club.  I have also been the USA Women’s U20 Manager for the past 7 years, organizing trips throughout the USA, England, Bahamas and South Africa.  As the manager, I did all the logistics of the trips, food, transportation, lodging, within a tight budget.  I helped coach the first Midwest u19 team when it started several years ago, and am again helping coach the team this year.  Also, I coached at Kettle Moraine High School for the past 10 years.  I recently moved away, but am excited to have an opportunity to come back and work with friends from over the years on advancing WI girls rugby.  I will be around several weekends throughout the spring scouting for players as well as at the Midwest and National tournaments. 

The tryouts for the team will take place on April 14th and May 5th from Noon to 3pm.  I am working on the location, but they will be within the Milwaukee area (sorry Fond du Lac and Appleton).  I need interested players to contact me and let me know their availability and interest in the select side season.  Please fill out the form attached in this link with your responses.

If you have any questions about the program, cost, selections or process, don’t hesitate to contact me. 


Jeff Noe

WI Girls HS Select Side Coach


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