Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wisconsin Selectside Update

Hello coaches,

Here is the last chance to sign up your players before the weekend’s tryout.  It has changed from noon-3 to 1-4pm to help get the Brookfield and Vernon girls there after the match.  Please have them dress warmly and in layers, since Spring isn’t all the way here yet.

Again, my goals as the select side coach are to win the Midwest event in Indiana in June, and from that event get as many WI girls selected for the High School All American Team as possible.  If there are seniors on Oak Creek, Brookfield or KM that need to be back Sunday June 9th for Graduation, I can work on if they can make just June 8th for the tournament and possible All-American selections. 

I will send all the players that have signed up some of the team’s ideas on defense and offense to study before the tryout this week.  It will help me learn names if I see them signed up as well as keeping them aware of any team announcements.

Thanks for all your help and support!

Please contact directly if you have any questions.

Jeff Noe

WI HS Select Side Coach


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