Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Girls Rugby at Lakefront Sevens

The schedule for the Lakefront 7's girls division has been released:

2:20pm  Field 5  Penn (Ind.) v Yellow Storm (Tn)
2:40pm  Field 3  CMHS       v  Storm (Tn)
3:20pm  Field 5  Penn           v  Brookfield 2
3:40pm  Field 3  CMHS       v  Brookfield 1
4:20pm  Field 4  Brkfld 2      v Yellow Storm
4:20pm  Field 5  Storm         v  Brookfield 1
5:20pm  Field 3  Championship
5:20pm  Field 4  3rd Place
5:20pm  Field 5  5th Place

Unconfirmed sources tell us that one of the Brookfield teams may morph into the Wisconsin Selects 7's.

Women's Qualifier
1:00pm  Field 6  DSHA v NOVA1
2:40pm  Field     DSHA v Wisconsin Women's Rugby Club
3:40pm  Field 2  DSHA v  Lions
4:40pm  Quarterfinals Begin

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