Tuesday, April 8, 2014

to Sussex, UK and Beyond!

Yesterday, for example, this site had 249 readers.  And you come from all over, with lots of visitors from all the UW schools, as one standout.  We know many of those are alumni following your old teams.  We get parents and family from out of town checking in as well, from all around; in addition to a large core of readers from the areas our teams are based.

We also get some regular visitors and readers from oversees.  Especially Canada and the UK right now.  There's a nice site dedicated to women's rugby through the Sussex UK women's program that is especially good.   It's especially good because they feature WGR articles on a regular basis :)

Perhaps WGR needs to set up a tour or exchange over there ...

The Sussex site is filled with videos of women's rugby, especially some 7's stuff and inspirational stories, often through the IRB.

Check it out if you can; any rugby fan will enjoy it!


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