Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Milwaukee Scylla Women's Team Seeks Head Coach

Kerry Goss has been playing rugby in Milwaukee for over 15 years. She was one of the founding members of the Divine Savior Holy Angels high school team back in the 1990's. She went on to an extensive playing career at Marquette University and then continued her playing career as one of the early members of what was then a new adult club team, The Milwaukee Scylla. The Scylla has since gone through some ups and downs, but most noteably they have established themselves as a successful and stable club drawing from all over the metro-Milwaukee vacinity. They've offered a viable, successful, and stable opportunity for women to keep playing the game after college. They have some midwest and national division two appearances to their resume.

 Some other WGR alumni found their way to the Scylla over the years including Cari Berdan from Brookfield, the Reilly sisters and Cassie Scott from CMH, and Kimiko Ross and Angela Mathews from the great Northshore (Homestead) Highlanders teams of the early 2000's. i'm sure there are many more that we missed as well. 

The Scylla currently are advertising for a new head coach. Anyone interested can get the application by contacting their club president: scyllapresident@gmail.com

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