Monday, September 26, 2016

WGR '16 October Schedule and Standings

Week Four
Sept 29th    Fond Du Lac 77        Appleton 0                     5pm
                   Muskego   0              Oak Creek 62                 5pm

Oct 1st        Kettle Moraine 7      DSHA 62                        9am          Nashotah Park

                    DSHA jv     7           Catholic Memorial 76      1030am    Nashotah Park

Oct 2nd       Brookfield 0             Pulaski 22                        1030am    Gun Club, Milw.

Week Five
Oct 6th       DSHA JV  7             Kettle Moraine 10            430pm    Dretzka Park

                   DSHA  (win)           Appleton  (loss)               545pm

                   Muskego 5              Catholic Memorial 41      5pm        Vernon Town Hall

                  Oak Creek 22            Pulaski  12                       5pm          OCHS

Oct 8th      Brookfield     10           Fond Du Lac     24             930am    Gun Club

Oct 15th    WGR Playoffs            Held at home field of higher ranked teams
Championship Semifinals:        
-DSHA (NS#1) v Oak Creek (C52)                      
TBD Date and Time                                                   

-CMHS (C5#1) v Brookfield  (NS #2)
Sat Oct 15th 10am Minooka Park                                         

-Consolation Semifinals              
NS#3   v  C5#4
C5#3   v  NS#4

-Bye week                                   
NS#5 and C5#5  at State

Oct 23rd     State Tournament      1st,3rd,5th,7th,9th Place Matches
                                                      Milwaukee County Sports Complex     Franklin, WI

North-South Conference
DSHA                4-0
Brookfield          3-1 (Brookfield holds head-to-head tie breaker over KM)
Kettle Moraine   2-2
Appleton            1-3 (Fond Du Lac played but forfeited their league match due to #'s)
Fond Du Lac      0-4

Classic Five
Catholic Memorial    4-0
Oak Creek                 2-2
Pulaski                      2-2
DSHA jv                   2-2* (ineligible for playoff seed against DSHA varsity)
Muskego                   0-4

Tie Breakers are (a) head-to-head record if tied; (b) super league points if a three-way tie; (c) point differential is still a three way tie.

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