Thursday, November 6, 2008

Press for our blog...

One of the blogs/rugby new sources that we link to, Heavens Game Rugby News, published a nice little story on the formation of girls rugby teams in Wisconsin and my role in that story. Here's the link. It's a bit embarrassing, but still I'm going to post it just to satisfy people's curiosity.

I want to add this comment to the story. I think we collectively have a lot to be proud of in Wisconsin Girls Rugby. Wisconsin hosted the first National Invitational Tournament down on the lake front in 2000 and have sent representatives to every national tournament since the inception. We have produced several topped ranked national teams, not just DSHA with its phenomenal record of being in the #1 spot for five years now. We should also remember Kettle Moraine, Northshore-Highlanders and Vernon have all placed well (i.e. in the top 3) at Nationals and at Midwest over Wisconsin's, now 12 year history. In fact, there were years when these teams placed ahead of DSHA at the National Tournament. These are accomplishments that were only achieved with the collective efforts of parents, players, coaches, match officials and administrators.

I think we've produced a collegial, yet very competitive leauge and I look forward in watching our conference continue to grow as we enter our second decade.

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