Saturday, February 5, 2011

Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Supports Rugby!

What do these two things have in commeon? Let me explain.

I'm a lifelong Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan. As kids, whenever we'd see a police officer in the nieghborhood, at a summer festival, or a ballgame, my brother and i would run up to them pleading for a baseball card. Cops on bicycles were always easier to approach, i think, because they were a little closer to our own height when they sat down to ride. I don't know if other cities did this, but our local police dept's all carried a set of cards provided by the Brewers, and we'd try to collect them all. My brother and I would journey three blocks from our house, an epic journey for an eight-year-old, to the nearest gas station to buy baseball stickers and then TOPPS cards.

Even better, our Dad had season tickets. We played all summer long. That kind of stuff made my brother and I fans for life.

Perhaps this is a little random, but I'm proud to see the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club
supporting rugby. They are one of the sponsors for some events by The US Rugby Football Foundation next weekend supporting youth rugby. The USRFF is once again hosting the 2nd Annual Scrumble Golf Outing and the I'Maul In No Limit Texas Hold 'em Poker Tournament prior to the International USA 7's tournament next weekend at the Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada.

While there are a bunch of suporters, their press release mentions that, "the USRFF would like to thank the following for their support of the 2011 Scrumble and I'Maul In Tournaments: ... the Milwaukee Brewers ... ."
Go USA! Go Brewers!

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