Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WGR League Meeting

On June 2nd, WGR convenes its league-wide meeting at the Wauwatosa School District Offices at 7pm.

Any new teams wishing to join the conference must be present at this board meeting to petition for admission. In addition, several key agenda items including Division Realignment will be resolved for next fall. Keeping in mind that rugby is still an emerging sport, should teams elect which division they play in? Should divisions be determined by objective factors such as won/loss record, school enrollment, or how many schools and communities a club draws from? Should the goal be to eventually move all programs up to division one? Should there be a mandatory and objective promotion/relegation system?

These aren't issues unique to rugby. The WIAA continues to struggle with division and conference alignment. They regularly adjust conferences every few years as some communities have shifting school enrollments and populations. They do have a clear cut policy of division alignment based on school enrollment, but some conferences mix teams of different divisions.

While players may have finished their seasons, coaches and administrators are hard at work, year round, working together as a league to decide what's in the best interest of everyone, working to grow the game.

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