Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Winona St and WGR Alumni

Winona St, two-time National D2 Women's Collegiate finalists, boast several WGR alumni playing in their ranks.

Their recent match report highlights the contributions of Georgia Porter, a junior captain and scrumhalf, formerly of Vernon; along with sophomore flyhalf Katie Dries, from Catholic Memorial.  Katie is CMH's all-time leading points scorer and holds all their kicking records.  She's continued her kicking prowess with Winona.

Winona St won 41-0 over Mankato St. last weekend.  Porter scored a try in the match and Dries converted 3 kicks.

In a somewhat related note, another WGR alumni, Coach Jeff Noe led his Winona St men's collegiate D2 team to a big upset win over UNI on Saturday.  Making the match even more impressive is that it was a road match for them.  Congrats and best of luck No-E.

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