Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"Professionalism" in high school rugby

Some observations on youth rugby, in an informative interview with Danielle Miller, head coach of the Women's All-Americans.  The interviews come from Alex Goff's new publication, the "Goff Rugby Report" with a new focus on youth and high school. Check it out.

In response to Miller's observations, how professional is your team?  How professional are your coaches?  Do they plan drills, practices, and communicate?  Do you and your teammates take your sport seriously?  Do you show up to practice on time and prepared?  Do you eat right?  Do you take care of yourself and stay in shape in the off-season?  Rugby is fun, but only if you are healthy and in shape.  It's also safe if you are in shape and have learned the proper techniques by attending practice. 

Rugby is exploding across the country.  There are more and more competitive teams and programs cropping up.  Where does your team and its commitment stand in the changing landscape of the fastest growing women's sport in the world?   

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