Saturday, August 2, 2014

Welcome Kettle Moraine Coach Kevin

This Fall new Head Coach Megan Kevin brings in a new staff to the state's second-oldest team.  The Kettle Moraine Knightmares new staff will include assistant coaches: Dane Kilpatrick, who some may already know from reffering, and long-time Milwaukee Rugby Club veteran and former center Ric Bellis.

As part of our league-wide welcome, Coach Kevin has agreed to a short interview and preview.  Welcome aboard and best of luck!  

How long and where all have you played rugby?  
--> I played at Northern Michigan University for 3 years. Started as a Scrumhalf, then moved to Flanker. I played for the Wisconsin U23 Select sides, also nominated to be on the WI All Star Team.

--Did you play any other sports in high school? 
--> I Didn't have the opportunity to play Rugby in High School, but my time was spent playing Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball.

--Real Job? 
--> I am an Account Executive at Zywave in Milwaukee, WI

--Why do you want to coach high school girls rugby? 
--> I wanted to coach because I never had the opportunity to play for such a unique, family oriented sport like rugby in High School. I believe the game has helped myself grow into a better woman, student, and employee overall. I have a desire to help young women develop the mentality that they can do anything if they work for it. Help them want to work outside their comfort zone to become a better person/athlete/leader. And, ultimately to have fun; to enjoy this sport that brings so many unique and talented people together. I cannot wait to see what this season brings!

--Favorite rugby player(s)? 
I would have to say my Fiancé, Dane Kilpatrick. (Who is also assisting me in coaching KM)

--Best team you ever played against? 
I would say Grand Valley State University. I have never seen a team so fluid and confident in every pass, tackle, and play in my career.

--anything else you'd want to add? 
I am excited to get into the season, work with my team, and continue to learn from not only my own team, but every other team we see this season.

--When and where does KM start practices? 
--> KM has stated practices on Monday nights from 5:30 - 7:30 pm at Naga Waukee Park. We are going to be recruiting heavily in the next few weeks, getting posters/flyers/etc. out all over towns, and working to get communication within multiple different schools!

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