Monday, January 17, 2011

Wisconsin Delegate to Speak at National Conference

This coming weekend, WGR’s John Klein will be speaking at the National Youth Conference on the Game in Indianapolis. Klein has the rare honor of speaking at the beginning and end of the conference. In one of the opening sessions, Klein will present about the opportunities for girls rugby and how these opportunities have increased dramatically in the last few years. At the conference’s final session, as part of a prestigious panel including Mike Tolkin and Lee Kelly, Coach Klein will address how great programs are developed. Mike Tolkin coaches Xavier High School in New York (The 2010 National Champions), Superleague team NYAC, and the USA Men’s National Team, as defense coach. Lee Kelly, coaches Gonzaga College High School in Washington D.C.

WGR will be dispatching one of its beat writers to report back live on the event.

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Dan said...

Is there a follow-up story? Perhaps we can get Mr. Klien to share a summation of his comments with a WGR reporter?