Monday, January 31, 2011

Youth Conference Update

A few highlights from the youth conference last weekend:

-140 people attended the youth conference, the most ever. 27 states had non-profit youth organizations represented, with several more being formed.

-Rookie Rugby and Play Rugby USA are growing significantly in other parts of the country. Checkout the picture used at the top of Rookie Rugby's home page; it features one of Wisconsin's great high school players, and four-time national champion, Lauren Franzen.

-All but three of the attendees said they supported USA Rugby's eligibility proposal focusing on strictly high school teams, instead of u-19 clubs.

-The long-term vision of USA Rugby is to support a single-school team system, with an understanding that we’re a long way off from that.

-The reaction to USA’s All-star schedule was more divided.

-Support for a national championship remained strong.

-There did not appear to be any interest from other states in 7’s or all-star teams for girls in the spring. That’s their team season for now. Indiana has some interest in a fall girls season.

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