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WGR Historical Record of Varsity Collegiate Commitments

Listed below are the Wisconsin Girls Rugby (WGR) alumni who officially signed to compete collegiately at a varsity women's program.  

Varsity commits alone aren't a total reflection of the WGR contributions to collegiate and womens rugby.  There have been dozens and dozens of alumni who have gone on to play for collegiate club teams who are not included in this list.  Alumni have gone on to play for programs like Penn St, Winona St, Ohio St and UNI as well as programs throughout the UW system just to name a few.  

Of special note is Genevieve Rusch (DSHA 2016).  A heavily recruited scrumhalf, she choose to travel oversees for college and rugby at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, where she is a captain and student to this day.  

Eastern Illinois University began the first varsity women's collegiate program in the late 90's with the goal of following NCAA rules and growing the game through college funding and structures.  It took some years for that path to gain traction.  Two Eastern alumni moved on to coach their own NCAA programs; Becky Carlson (Quinnipiac) and Michelle Reed (Sacred Heart).  Sadly, under a change in athletic directors and policy, the Eastern Illinois program was defunded and eventually disbanded, although their groundbreaking efforts under Head Coach Frank Graziano continue to have lasting affects on womens rugby in America.

One branch from this varsity rugby tree is DSHA's Lindey Wise (2013).   After a playing career at Quinnipiac, she moved on to be an asst. coach at Sacred Heart and now NCAA LIU-Post for the 2020-2021 season.

WGR Class of 2021

Aly Cunningham   Catholic Memorial HS                   Sacred Heart         (NCAA NIRA D1)

Maggie Dineen      Divine Savior Holy Angels HS      Queens                 (NCAA NIRA D2)

Emme Ohnmacht   Catholic Memorial HS                   Brown                   (NCAA NIRA D1)

Lea Preuss              Brookfield                                      Queens                  (NCAA NIRA D2)

Lexi Scott              Pulaski HS                                       Lindenwood         (USAR D1 Elite)

Ellie Villnow          Stevens Point Area HS                   Lindenwood         (USAR D1 Elite)

WGR Class of 2020:

Haley Crow             Catholic Memorial HS                 Quinnipiac University      (NCAA NIRA D1)

Alexis Haskins        Catholic Memorial HS                 Quinnipiac University      (NCAA NIRA D1)

Bella Huschitt         Divine Savior Holy Angels HS    Dartmouth University      (NCAA NIRA D1)

Abby Kayser           Divine Savior Holy Angels HS    Dartmouth University      (NCAA NIRA D1)

Gwen Knutson        Brookfield                                    Queens University          (NCAA NIRA D2)

Hannah Pfersch       Hamilton HS                                Quinnipiac University    (NCAA NIRA D1)

Angelina Pieters      Catholic Memorial HS                 Lindenwood University   (USAR  D1 Elite)

WGR Class of 2019

Jenna Klenz                     DSHA                                    Queens

Chanel Lubsey                 Brookfield                             LIU-Post

Makinzie Youngblood     DSHA HS                              Sacred Heart

Stephanie Wilson            CMHS                                    Sacred Heart 

WGR Class of 2018

Madison Black              CMHS                                      U.S. Naval Academy

Allison Koenig              CMHS                                      Quinnipiac

Emily Morris                 Pulaski                                     Lindenwood

WGR Class of 2017

Megan Bird                  Oak Creek                                 Davenport 

Emma Conrad               Fond Du Lac                            Lindenwood

Alyanna Primer             Brookfield                                Lindenwood

Erin Wright                   CMHS                                      Harvard 

WGR Class of 2016

Kelsey Gustafson          CMHS                                      Sacred Heart

Lizzy Walicki               CMHS                                      West Chester U

WGR Class of 2015

Reina Anderson             Brookfield                                Lindenwood

Taylor Bragg Brock       DSHA                                      Lindenwood

Courtney Crouse           Kettle Moraine                          Lindenwood

Lexi Prusheik                Vernon                                     Lindenwood

WGR Class of 2014

Julie Else                      CMHS                                      Norwich U

Rebecca Haight             CMHS                                      Quinnipiac

Maggie Wesolowski      CMHS                                      Quinnipiac

WGR Class of 2013

Lindey Wise                 DSHA                                      Quinnipiac

WGR Class of 2001

Amy Lalko                   DSHA                                      Eastern Illinois

WGR Class of 2000

Katie Plant                    DSHA                                      Eastern Illinois

Allison Urbanski           DSHA                                      Eastern Illinois

WGR Class of 1998

Erin Voelz                    DSHA                                      Eastern Illinois


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